Tina D. Miller

And in the dark, the calm arrives

To steal the souls of contradictory lives

And in the dark, the secret spreads

Sedated souls, reclaimed by death ~Braker, Breaker

Her thoughts continued with the people at her mother's funeral and her dead mother.  "Momma was a nice person; we are nice people.  Not everybody has to look so mean."  Trixie did her best impression of a mean, dirty person in the mirror that Einar was trying to avoid looking into.  Something dirty always stared back. ~ The Rise of the Einix

She thought others' possession of her littered her past, and she ached to rid of the feeling.  She wanted to destroy the negative effects of human control.  Coincidentally, Trixie was not the only living thing in the room sensing the impact of human control.  Lacking  any liquid in a chilly room, the rose and all of its loveliness withered.  However, Trixie was flourishing. ~Unturned

Trixie did not owe the man anything, and she reveled in the idea that she did nothing but exist for the purchase of those buttons.  It was a new feeling and a new understanding.  She feared that she would never feel this way again. ~Unturned

The wooden faced strikers stared into the empty seats of the hollow playhouse. And the dolls stared too...~ The Rise of the Einix