Tina D. Miller

"You'll go after them." ~Braker, Breaker

Opening Lines...

About the author.

"Do you think she can see me now?" ~Rise of the Einix

"Trixie Smith felt isolated in the bed next to Loki Kluge." ~ Unturned

​"Julup stooped onto the concrete stairs of her tenement." ~ Untitled

Having love for words, but not knowing why, I boldly approached my fifth grade Thanksgiving writing assignment, a poem about that which I was thankful for.  Influenced by Emily Dickinson's crafty rhymes, I began to write.  I weaved the ideas and words.  I crafted; I rhymed.  While unaware of Dickinson's dark nature, I felt that my writing was a great, albeit lengthier, replica of her work.  Apparently, others recognized my fifth grade writing proficiency, and within weeks, I viewed my poem in the elementary newsletter.  In print, there it was, for all to see.  It was that moment that my love for words and my love for sharing words was ignited.  Fast forward several decades, and that fifth grade love affair still exists.